Friday, August 21, 2009

Sesame backend for soprano on openSUSE

Just a short note. I tried to install the sesame backend for soprano on opensuse 11.1 factory (KDE 4.3.0). Since I installed the java openjdk-devel packed (thanks for the hint) and of cause soprano-backend-sesame Nepomuk runs perfectly well.

Second note: I'm really happy that openSUSE is a community based distro and is (again) selecting KDE as the default while installation. Gnome is still at the top of the list but it's a great sign. If you are not an openSUSE user you might give it a try.


Bille said...

Great - let us know it works for you in the long run. We are deciding whether to ship Nepomuk enabled in openSUSE 11.2 by default. Currently the decision would be off by default and let users opt in , since beagle on by default was already a hot topic in openSUSE user circles.

Thomas Thym said...

Hi Bille,
I observed Nepomuk. Until now it runs perfect. When the system is busy Nepomuk pauses and continues when resources are available again. I never had a delay (what I had regularly with KDE 4.2 and redland backend). To answer your question: I see no reason for deactivating Nepomuk. But I'll keep watching.
If you need further information it would be a pleasure to help.