Saturday, July 25, 2009

The World is moving

Not only the famous and great members of the KDE community are moving. Also a small member of the KDE promo team has moved to a new country. (To be exactly I moved from Munich, Germany to St. Gallen, Switzerland.) Switzerland is really a great country. I love it! And it seems that I might win the power-plug-adapter-battle and as you can see I managed to be online again.
The only purpose of this post is to say: Hello KDE Switzerland!
Anybody who lives near St. Gallen?


Herbert said...

Nein, aber ich empfehle dir, das St.Gallen OpenAir Festival zu besuchen. Das beste Festival weit und breit ;-)

dada said...

Willkommen in der Schweiz!

myriam said...

Willkommen in der Schweiz! Mark und ich sind zwar nicht direkt in deiner Nähe, aber im September ist ja die in Winterthur, mit einem KDE und Amarok Stand, hoffentlich sehen wir uns dort :)