Thursday, December 4, 2014

KDE at LinuxDay in Dornbirn, AT

More than one week ago, there was the LinuxDay in Dornbirn, Austria. This is a small-medium, very well organized event near the Swiss and German border with up to 500 visitors.

Since many years we have a KDE booth there. Together with Myriam we represented the KDE project at a booth and also gave a talk about KDE EDU apps. We had a KDE Plasma 4.13 netbook with „search and launch“ activity, one laptop with the „standard“ 4.13 desktop (proudly presenting our wonderful EDU apps, and two laptops running Plasma 5 (one with a touch screen).

Several KDE users came by for a little chat or to see the new Plasma 5. But there were also many none-linux-users. They were interested and I think also a little bit impressed by our powerful software and community.

We got a lot of positive feedback about Plasma 5, especially the design (even from a long year GNOME / Unity-user). The new nearly monochrome design looks much more professional. The users were very happy, hat we stayed with the work-flow and concept of the workspace.

 #1 FAQ was: Is the classic menu (the cascading menu) also available in Plasma 5? Answer: Yes.
Many other questions we could solve immediately.

One user made the proposal to create a kind of „introduction to KDE“ / „first steps“ where the basic (and advanced) features were well documented.

One unsolved questions was: How do I associate a file-type without extension to a certain program (e.g. a text-type files with no extension to kate oder kwrite)? Extensions could easily be linked to a program, but is this also possible for file-types?

Sadly the demand for merchandise stuff went down to 0. The KDE users have already t-shirts etc. and the non-users didn't buy.

 All in all it was an interesting day.