Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Presenting KDE at LinuxInfoTag in Augsburg (Hello Planet)

Sat. March 28th LinuxInfoTag took place in Augsburg (in the south of Germany). Round 250 interested people were visiting the booths of KDE, Debian, and many many more Open Source Projects and could discuss with members of the communities or listen to 20 talks. This was not only my first official event promoting KDE I also had the chance to do my first talk introducing KDE 4.2. (Talking about first times: this is my first post on (thanks to Jonathan Riddell): Hello Planet!)

It was a great pleasure and honor to present KDE 4.2 together with Lydia, Eckhart and Frederik! Thanks for the fun and thanks to everyone who contributed to KDE (otherwise I had nothing to present).
Apart from a small number of comments the majority of visitors was really excited about KDE 4.2. :-)
Kudos to all of you!

P.S.: You can find the slides (German) here:
PDF (3,7MB):
ODF (OOo3.0.1) (4,6MB):
ODF template (102KB):


nightrose said...

Hey :)
nice to see you on the Planet now. It was a pleasure to meet you.
Ufff and I finally have to upload that presentation... Sorry!


Thomas Thym said...

Thanks, Lydia!

guivaloz said...

Hi Thomas.

Congratulations for the presentation. I made my own version based in yours. If you want to dowload it and give me your opinion I would greatly appreciate your review.


Thomas Thym said...

@guivaloz I like your presentation. Great to see how shared stuff can enhance.