Thursday, April 30, 2009

EU Parliament elections and F/OSS

European Parliament election in 1 month and 4 days. The last months before elections politicians are listening very carefully to their voters. has some ideas how to bring FS and OSS into politicians minds. Even if there is no campaign in my EU-country (at the moment there is only one in Begum, France and Italy) it reminds me (and hopefully you) that this is a good time to act. NOW!

I will tease every politician I see and ask him or her about their attitude towards

  • software patents,
  • DRM,
  • support for F/OSS in schools and gov. administration,
  • ...
And perhaps I'm going to write some emails. So they know there is something like F/OSS and there are many, many voters interested in that topic.


Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas,

Is this the same group that recently was campaigning for a private members bill to ensure the parliament only used free-software?

I visited the parliament that day as they had an inflatable TUX in the lobby there. There were a good couple of guys there lobbying away. I hope the initiative goes well.



Thomas Thym said...

Hi Kevin,

Great to here from that campaign at the parliament. I don't know if it was the same group. There are several active groups. The more the better.


zbog said...

What about free culture? Free music?

Thomas Thym said...

Sure, these are important questions, too (esp. the remix-culture).