Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I joined the game ...and you can, too!

Some months ago I joined the Game. "Join the Game" is the campaign from the KDE community to make it possible to everyone to support the KDE project. Although I contribute to KDE already (e.g. promotion) I had the impression that I still take more than I could give back. To show my love and to support the vision and the values behind KDE I decided to become a financial sponsor, too.

This is the little present I received in return.

Christmas time is approaching. This is a time of reflection. A time to rethink your values and to check if your actions are supporting those aims. Joining the game really helps to improve an amazing free and open source project. Therefore I joined the game!



Fri13 said...

I must say that everytime I see that "bishop" and the silver KDE E.v supporter -silver card. I get feeling that it is like having those first class premium client -cards from airplane companies after you have got enough mails.

Skyline89 said...

If I join KDE I'll receive the same card as you? Or I must support them in another way?

Thomas Thym (ungethym) said...

@Skyline89: If you become a KDE supporting member, then you will get the presents (incl. the card and your number) (without contributing in any other way). Therefore goto [1] and support the "Join the Game" campaign by supporting KDE with 25 EUR per quarter.

From the website:
* BECOME an official member of KDE e.V.
* MEET other members at the annual meeting
* GET reports about KDE's activities first hand
* MEMBERSHIP is 25EUR per quarter 100EUR per year). Sign up to GET a welcome package including your EXCLUSIVE KDE e.V. membership card.