Friday, August 6, 2010

RKWard is amazing!

I had the pleasure to meet Aleix Pol and Stu Jarvis at Akademy. They guided me the way to KDE EDU and scientific apps for KDE.

Weeks later I am sitting in my office doing some statistics. The funny thing is, that your brain sometimes is useful and I remembered an app called rkwrd or something.

My friend google told me that it is called RKWard and that it is not a KDE Application. It is an application based on kdelibs (it I see that right).

At home I fired up my kBook and installed the packages for r and RKWard. After a quick look into some of the nice tutorials I could do my first analysis and the linear regression I wanted to do. Brilliant. What a fantastic application. And I had such a hard time during my studies calculating statics by hand.

The other advantage is that I am reminded that I wanted to invest more time for the promotion of KDE EDU (inculding scientific applications). Why has a day only 24h?


apol said...


Cantor also supports R, IIRC.

Thomas Thym (ungethym) said...

I have checked Cantor (the app not the webpage). And of cause you are right. There is R support for cantor. Another proof that I should work more on KDE EDU promo.

Stuart said...

What makes an app a KDE app? It's an interesting question and one we tried to leave to the application authors with the various software label choices.

I suppose a KDE app is one that is made by KDE, so if the author(s) thinks they are part of KDE then their app is a KDE app.

I have the impression I'm tying myself in knots here :-)

Anyway, I haven't enjoyed/suffered R yet, but I know a lot of people that do so having options in KDE software is great.

Thomas Thym (ungethym) said...

It seems there are the canton-r-backend packages missing in openSUSE. :-(

Thomas Thym (ungethym) said...

Stuard: imho a KDE app is from a KDE community member and he should be organized within a app module and user the KDE infrastructure. Then the app will be shipped and PACKED with KDE software (in the same repo). Otherwise you have to search for it.

apol: I didn't succeed. I could not use R with cantor :-(

Anonymous said...

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