Thursday, November 20, 2008

Marketing lecture and meet the news

Yesterday I had the pleasure to teach marketing for about 40 people studying a BA in Engineering. It's always a challenge to speak in front of students who like engineering and have to listen to crazy management folks. But it was amazing. They were very interested and the results were really well. I hope it wasn't only fun for me, but also for them. Perhaps a little bit.

What I didn't know. Most of them used to work for a big German company. Yes: They used to. I remember that I heard it in the news that the company would close one of its branches because it is not (enough?) profitable anymore. A few thousand employees would lose their jobs. And now those people, excellent people by the way, were sitting in my classroom. Those anonymous thousands loosing their jobs suddenly had names, faces, families, fears, ... complete lifes.

There's a great difference if you only hear the news or if you meet those people in real life. This time it was me who learned something in my lesson. But I hope the students did, too.

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