Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Visiting Randa: The multi sprint

Last Saturday I visited Randa to see my friends working hard on the future of KDE. There were about 60 developers in the house, hacking and discussing everywhere.

Hacking everywhere - The nepomuk and multimedia crowd

Especially for my they did some lightning talks to give my an overview. (I haven't expected less.)

The audience is listening

Sebas was explaining the whys and the hows about plasma active.
Miliam talked about new features of KDevelop like the plasma based dashboard and python language support.
Frederik Gladhorn presented some work about accessibility.
Harald Sitter gave an overview about KDE multimedia covering Phonon, Amarok, Tomahawk kde'n'live and more.
Finally the Fluffy gang reveled there plans to go Flinky.

Also some "work" was done outside.

Platform_11 team at work

Finally Sebas gave us a demo of the plasma active tablet. The usability was not so bad. Even my 3yo daughter could change activities.

My impression during the short time was that a lot of work was done yet and a lot was waiting to be done. I am sad I could not stay longer. But it was a pleasure meeting you all again. See you in Berlin.

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