Sunday, October 24, 2010

openSUSE conference 2010 is over


openSUSE conference is over. It was an amazing and exhausting time. And the most important thing I learned was: The openSUSE project is a commuity. Of cause I meet many community members employed by Novell. But also many contributors NOT payed by that sponsor. The project is moving more and more into the direction of independence (e.g. with it's community based new strategy).
I was suspisious myself when I choose my distro some time ago. Shall I really try openSUSE, with all the deals the main sponsor is doing? From now on I am sure that these prejudices were wrong.

Chani doing artwork for KDE promo.

I had many inspiring conversations with many intresting people. One I want to mention here. There were three impressive guys from Austria. They created Linux for schools (desktop4education) based on openSUSE. The desktop is installed with 4 question, the server only needs 2 questions to be answered. More information at: (DE-only)
I meet these heros end of November again and I hope we are going to improve the cooperation between their project, the KDE edu team and openSUSE-li-f-e (edu-project from openSUSE).
Greetings to Austria. You rock!

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